Acquiring Cents

I secured myself a wee bonus there a few weeks ago. I received it in my March pay packet. The bank balance is the healthiest it has been in a long time. Who am I fooling? The bank balance is the healthiest it has been ever. The credit card bill has been paid in entirety. All unofficial loans are officially paid. To round things off nicely, I even have a refund of tax due to me. Ordinarily, I would consider this the best time to hit Grafton Street to invest in the wardrobe. Something stops me – a newly acquired admiration of healthy bank balances. This new outlook doesn’t want smears and blobs appearing on clean bank statements.  I am so tempted to venture to Dundrum and splurge on the leather jacket that awaits me in Massimo Dutti. So far I have refrained. This new addition to my mind set seems to have gotten the better of me.  I believe these newly acquired thoughts are commonly referred to as “sense”.


3 responses to “Acquiring Cents

  1. glad to hear there are some people doing well — congrats!

  2. Jeez, good luck with that! I’d be holding on for, like, ten minutes before going and getting that jacket….but maybe that’s why my finances are in such a parlous state….he he

  3. You know, if only everybody knew the truth about how much power even small ideas have to change our circumstances, especially during a recession!

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