I was bold last night. I went out on a school night. I am not hung-over, just very tired. I have that light headed feeling. I should be at home on the couch, not sitting in work pretending to work.

About an hour ago, I went for breakfast with two of my colleagues. Pineapple seemed nice in theory. It sort of caused a gurgling from the pits of my stomach. It wasn’t enjoyable. One colleague returned to work, leaving two of us sitting at the table. We agreed it was time to return to our desks. Just as I rose from my seat, I farted. It wasn’t one of those secret ones you can drop and run. It arrived with a high pitched toot. This diva fart wanted its arrival known. My colleague looked a little puzzled at first and then burst out laughing. I am so grateful she and I are close. I probably would have resigned were it anyone else.


One response to “Morto!

  1. Oh no! Scarleh! Just as well she found it funny though, morto is right!

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