A Brush with Redundancy

Last week, the company gathered in the canteen for a meeting. A sombre faced CEO announced ten per cent of the work force was to be made redundant. Jobs were being sent to India. It was a strange feeling to know that livelihoods can just be upped and sent to the land of cost saving. Needless to say, a strange atmosphere came down upon the company and its employees. It still lingers. Uncertainly and Doubt hide behind partitions and office palms, ready to spring at the most opportune moment.

In fairness to my employer, they have been pretty good about everything. Information has been divulged to employees as soon as word came from New York HQ. Following the company meeting, departmental meetings were held to ensure there was no doubt on any of the issues and other cost saving initiatives. Feedback on the process was encouraged. In these recessionary times, when companies like Dell, Waterford Crystal and SR Technics get away with murder, it’s nice to know that employers will deliver beyond their statutory requirements.

My employer has also taken other initiatives in trying to quash negative staff morale. If you recall the toilet brush debacle and Facilities’ display of nobility via the new kitchen scrubbing brush, it comes as no surprise that an attempt to boost staff morale comes in the form of a new scrubbing brush. This is the third new scrubbing brush in a year. My colleagues and I are made up. The new brush is electric pink. This colour motivates us to wash our travel mugs with renewed vigour that my employer hopes will extend towards our outlook.

Ohhhhh the stimulation ...

Ohhhhh the stimulation ...


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