My Current Fashion Obsession

I am still obsessing about a leather jacket I saw in Massimo Dutti on Oxford Street two weeks ago. So much so, I bought a pashmina scarf to pair it with. The pashmina and leather jacket look is very hot during the transition from winter to spring. In Dublin, a light jacket is always required for the sudden downpours of rain we frequently put up with. A pashmina looks great under a leather jacket. Yes, I can hear all the boys in the back laughing at the guy who wears a pashmina.

For the guys who remain unconvinced: a pashmina can provide hours of fun when placed over one’s head and used during an improvisation. During the weekend, I used the pashmina to recreate a scene from the movie “Not without my Daughter”. I also played a rich Arab who wanted to sell his boyfriend for a camel. Unfortunately, I had no buyers. Depending on your sexuality, you might want to attempt a Spanish Senorita. This one went down particularly well with my audience.

I am SO buying this leather jacket this month no matter what Boyfriend says.




4 responses to “My Current Fashion Obsession

  1. hope it works in warmer weather — or do you not have that in London?

  2. MyopicPsychotic

    Well I won’t wear it on scorcher days (obviously), but it’ll be nice to have.

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