Funk in your Crunk

I swear this is not going to become a men’s fashion blog, but I might throw in the occasional dilemma on men’s fashion. This dilemma relates to funky sneakers (as below).

I am not the kind of guy that would normally consider wearing funky sneakers, but last night I found myself drawn to a similar type of sneaker to the ones below. Wild colours are good to beat the recession blues. These runners would go super well with a pair of skinny jeans. If, like me, you can’t get your foot into a pair of skinny jeans, then you will have to just make do with narrow, straight leg jeans. I found a pair of these runners in TK Maxx (Irish equivalent of TJ Maxx) last night. I bought them. I unsuccessfully hid them on Boyfriend, who thinks I have won the lottery this month what with the amount of clothes I’ve purchased. I tried on the footwear. Boyfriend liked them. I wasn’t so sure. “Are they not a bit lesbian-y?” I asked him.

I’m justified in branding this type of shoe as lesbian-y since it was speculated by an American gossip column that Lindsay Lohan may have been a lesbian since she had started wearing “slingback sneakers”. If a gossip column can put a comment like that in the public domain, then I am allowed to. Lesbians, well those I know in Dublin, tend to wear shoes that cause a slouch. They have an extreme fondness for skinny jeans and wide, skater boi runners. This look has become quite popular in the last few months, or even year, among the non-Lesbians. I speculate this may have caused a scramble by the anti-fashion lesbian brigade to pair up their spiky hair and checked shirts with another form of not so fashionable footwear. Lesbians certainly know the game is up when gay men begin sporting their footwear.

There has always been a bit of a divide between lesbians and gay men. I’m noble in wearing these sneakers. It’s like I am making a statement – it’s OK to be gay. It’s also OK to be a gay lesbian.







One response to “Funk in your Crunk

  1. Lesbian-y … I will most def be using that term! I have a pair of unfortunate shorts – the first time I put them on and looked in the mirror I startled myself – new shorts = me looking like total lesbian. So strange. Anyway, every time I wear them I make it a point to tell my husband, “look honey, I’m wearing my lesbian shorts today!” …

    BTW, I think those shoes are great – and even more great that they will help to bring communities together 😀
    Healing the divide, one sneaker at a time. Awesome.

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