Something was Amiss (while going for a piss)

On Thursday, after having chips and a burger for lunch, I OD’d on a burger and onion rings for dinner. Boyfriend and I chose to dine in the restaurant affectionately known as Empty Pockets, aka Eddie Rocket’s. While in the diner themed restaurant, I needed to use the bathroom. I excused myself from the table because that is what polite people do.

The visit to the bathroom and thought process pretty much went like this:

Stephen leaves table and beelines for the door of the kitchen like a man on a mission. A waiter is alerted. Waiter intervenes by pointing the door to the toilets. Stephen sees the door and enters first door on right.

While in the bathroom, Stephen pauses for a moment.

“Hmmmm, funny there are no urinals in here”

Stephen shrugs dismissively. He enters cubicle and notices sanitary bin in the corner of the cubicle.

“These must be same sex bathrooms”

 While in the cubicle, Stephen hears the clopping of heels on the tiled floor.

“Hmmmm, they are either the noise made by expensive men’s shoes … or … women’s shoes. FUCK … I am in the wrong bathroom”

Stephen sticks his head out of the cubicle door and checks to see if he is alone. He washes his hands quickly and rejoins Boyfriend. Boyfriend is not surprised one bit when Stephen recounts the events to him.




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