Chunky, Bright and White

I am totally in spend-money mode at the moment. Last night, I found myself waiting on Henry Street for Boyfriend with about thirty minutes to spare. The best way to pass time in town is to shop. I had a look around some relatively safe shops. By safe I mean inexpensive; when you see an item of clothing you like, you go home and think about what other items of clothing you could pair it up with. You ultimately end up buying it. I allow myself the occasional visit to these safe houses perchance I purchase.

I set myself the task of buying trainers. Since the dodgy “Nike Air Knacks” phase, five years ago, from which I am still recovering, I’ve been extremely careful with trainers. I’ve not bought trainers in a sports shop for a long, long time. I didn’t do the chunky white runners mainly because I am not black or a skater boi. Last night, I bought a pair of said trainers. They should look really good with baggy jeans and hopefully should funk up some casual weekend outfits.

I hope I actually wear them.


The aforementioned trainers


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