Clothes Miles

This winter, I did invest in a good coat to keep my hot body warm. I wore it every day to work and during weekends too. As a result of much use, it’s now a little worn and saggy. This spring-summer, I decided that I would shop wisely and buy myself a number of jackets to avoid the same happening. I want to buy a few bargains for the price of a jacket on the high street. I secured the below G-Star jacket on EBay, which is perfect for summer. It should be warm enough to protect me from rapid changes in weather that we Irish must tolerate every year. It will look dead snazzy over a shirt.

I secured the jacket for €80. It was despatched yesterday. I tracked its journey online to realise it’s coming all the way from China and not the USA like I had thought. I’m aware of campaigns for individuals to reduce their food miles by purchasing local products that are in season. I think I have stumbled on – or created – another issue; clothes miles. There is little difference in the rationale behind clothes miles and food miles. While it’s nice to secure a bargain, you technically are damaging the environment by sending your cheap item around the world in planes and boats. I feel bad.

I’ve realised another positive that might help me justify my purchase of goods from the Orient. I’ve travelled a lot in Europe, but not in the USA or Asia. The next time I am asked where I have been in the world, I’ll reply, “I’m not well travelled, but my clothes are”. Should that compensate?

Well travelled jacket

Well travelled jacket


2 responses to “Clothes Miles

  1. Just wanted to let you know that the jacket you bought is a fake. Sorry to bear the bad news 😦

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