Forgive and Forget

My workplace is obsessed with reycling. The extent to which my employer recycles often pushes newbies to breaking point. The recycling station is composed of separate bins for plastic, compostable material and foils. A social past-time exists for groups of employees who gather near the bins, debating which tpye of material – napkins, wooden stirrers and sweet wrappers – are put in what bin. Another pro-environment initiative is to give every employee a travel mug. The use of travel mugs is encouraged and slightly enforced. Travel mugs avoid spillages, burns and use of plastic cups for tea. Every morning, before I load up on caffeine, I give my travel mug a good old scour with our antiquated, bristeless scrubbing brush. The scrubbing brush in the kitchenette has been there since I started with my employer seven months ago; the equivalent of sixty years in scrubbing-brush-years. Perhaps, scrubbing brush and I started on the same day. Today, I discovered a new scrubbing brush. The old one was made redundant. To anyone else this is nothing, but to me, big news. I am surprised the Facilities Department treated the minions to a new scrubbing brush since the scandalous theft of the toilet brushes. I expected a complete withdrawal of every form of brush from the building. It appears Facilities looked past our collective sins and granted us forgiveness. They are a truly noble people. They gave the theft incident the brush off. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.
They treated us to a new scrubbing brush!

They treated us to a new scrubbing brush!

I also think I figured out who is responsible for stealing the toilet brushes. In my earlier post I suggested the brushes might be used for cleaning tea cups, brushing hair and cleaning one’s teeth. I am suspicious of a colleague who suggested toilet brushes might be used as back scratchers. She stole them. Mystery solved.


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