Thieves, Beware!

There has been a few cases of theft in our office.  The truth is everyone has been eyeing up the booty. The Facilities Department have taken swift action by placing notices to keep thieves at bay.  Now, none of us dare covet the goods, since Facilities have warned us that their watchful eye is on us.  I will be honest and admit I had plans for the highly sought after item. I thought I could maybe bring it home and wash my dishes with it; it would make a good cup cleaner or a hair brush. I bet, if I used it as a tooth brush, I would have a Colgate Smile in no time. Damn you, Facilities, for foiling my plans! 

Toilet Brush Thieves Beware!

Toilet Brush Thieves Beware!


3 responses to “Thieves, Beware!

  1. LOVE the phrase “eyeing up the booty”. Tee Hee. I am really loving your blog. So happy to have found it, and can’t thank you enough for filing me under your “favourite reads”. You absolutely made my week 🙂

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