Something that Makes Me Happy

Amidst all this economic D&G (doom and gloom), it is possible to find things that make one happy. Things that will, for a moment, make you forget yourself, your situation and maybe even put a smile on your face. Yesterday, the Ray D’Arcy show featured a caller who wanted to organise a group sing song on Grafton Street, Dublin. It was the caller’s intention to momentarily forget the world and just spread a little happiness.  He wanted volunteers to meet up and sing two verses of Burt Bacharach’s “What the World Needs Now is Love”. Imagine the scene. I would give anything to be there only I have to work this weekend. We need more of this. Something else that cheers me up,  since I saw it a few weeks ago is the T Mobile advert that was filmed in Liverpool Street Station, London. When I watch this, I get really emotional. I almost feel pure happiness. I’m aware that by making reference to this advert, I give T-Mobile a plug, but fuck it, they deserve it. The advert is incredibly well crafted. The music is uplifting. The dancing is fantastic. If you watch the making of the advert on YouTube, you will see that the producers wanted the dancers to engage with the public. Were it not for this, the advert would not achieve half of what it does.


2 responses to “Something that Makes Me Happy

  1. It makes me so happy too… is it known whether or not it really was a guerilla dance thing, or was it done at night when the station was closed? So amazing, I wish I’d been there!

    • They practised it a number of times at night when the station was closed. I also think they filmed it a few times over the course of the day. Maybe it was done in one shoot. The end result is a great piece of footage. I hope it made you smile too. 🙂

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