My First Serious Blog: Gays and “Marriage” in Ireland

On Saturday morning, instead of lying in and stewing in my duvet, I got up and about and made Boyfriend some breakfast in bed. He considered it a wondrous surprise even though he had in fact asked for it. I recall answering his request with explicit language and accusations of laziness. While I was up and about, my housemate, who prefers the company of ladies, informed me there was a Civil Rights demonstration on in town. Apparently, the gays, those who managed to overcome their Friday night hangovers, were holding a demonstration outside the Central Bank. Its aim was to create awareness of “Civil Marriage” for same sex couples. We decided we would attend the rally in support of our fellow gay brethren.

The speakers at the Rally were a little uninspiring. The first speaker, Mr. Gay World 2008, who is Irish, signed off by saying “equality costs nothing”. Apparently, the Irish government have done a costing on introducing tax free transfers of assets between same sex couples*. The cost was estimated at around €2BN. Mr. Gay Ireland believes €2BN to be nothing in this economic environment. Do you take cheques Mr. Cowen? The second speaker, Tony Walsh, was next on the bill. Overall, he was tolerable. One notable item he mentioned was that same sex couples will pay higher rates of tax than their heterosexual counterparts. This can’t – correct me, if I am wrong on this – be true. The EU courts would be all over this like Burberry on a knack. If you are going to have a rally on something, be sure to have claims and facts that are 100% credible.

The next issue, that clearly irked Mr. Walsh, was the opposition to same sex marriage posed by the Roman Catholic Church. He claimed this establishment, who have been associated with sexual abuse, should not be so active in condemning the lifestyles of same sex couples. As soon as Mr. Walsh departed on this course of debate, I wanted to leave the rally. I believe the nation of Ireland is more than aware of the appalling atrocities that were carried out by/within religious institutions. Reminders are not needed. Nor should such a sensitive subject be thrown around in a mud slinging match. Why can’t the gay community just campaign on what they are more than entitled to and rise above a smear campaign? The Catholic Church are more than capable of showing themselves as out of date and antiquated without the help of the gay community.

*I had heard this fact thrown around numerous times. This amount was used by the LGBT Group, Noise. Since researching it properly, it would appear the amount of €2BN refers to all co-habiting couples and not just same sex couples.

This awaits me someday

This awaits me someday


7 responses to “My First Serious Blog: Gays and “Marriage” in Ireland

  1. keep up with the good (serious) work

  2. “Apparently, the Irish government have done a costing on introducing tax free transfers of assets between same sex couples. The cost was estimated at around €2BN. Mr. Gay Ireland believes €2BN to be nothing in this economic environment.”

    Where did you get this information from? I’m not sure that it is accurate

  3. Yes – I did think that was the case and I get so pissed off when people throw that argument at us

  4. Myopic Psychotic

    When you say “us”, who do you mean? The gay community? This figure was used by Noise during their rally. They didn’t specify if they questioned the accuracy of the amount. They just mentioned the amount.

  5. When I say us – I mean the LGBT community – LGBT Noise annoy me because they don’t actually represent people or consult with anyone – Like many LGBT activist groups – they are a self representative clique – However they further annoy me by coming out with arguments that are untrue, unresearched and basically poor

  6. Shame you’re not Djing anymore. Miss all that screaming and shouting when you didn’t like another DJ’s music. Spahead prick!

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