Metric, it will change your life

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, but this year I decided to make two. One of them is to make peace with the people I fell out with during 2008. That will probably take all of 2009. The other resolution is to go metric. I work with loads of continentals who don’t understand the concept of a miles, pounds etc. I’m forced to translate on a regular basis. I used to be fluent in metric until I moved home to Ireland in the 90s. For this reason I have made a conscious decision to revert back to it. I intend to embrace the change. The first change is my height. Firstly, I have to admit I don’t even know how many inches are in a foot. How bad is that? When someone asks me my height, I tell them I am 6’ 1”. My height is now altrered; I am now 185 centimetres tall. Don’t I sound taller? I exercise a lot. I used to run five miles three times a week, but I am giving this up. I will replace my five mile runs with 8 kilometre runs. This sounds much longer. I already feel so much fitter. I exercise hard to reduce body fat, but since going metric I feel so much lighter. I used to weigh fourteen and a half stone. I now weigh 93 kilos. Metric has made me feel so much healthier. I am just not sure where I should stop though. The other night in the pub we were having a bit of a sing song. An old favourite by the Proclaimers came on. I just couldn’t stick to the correct words – “and I would walk eight hundred and four kilometres and I would walk eight hundred and four kilometres more, just to be that man …” I did get a few looks, but I realise one has to suffer this when a pioneer. Metric has drastically improved my life. I think you should try it, too.




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